Why spend money on running?

Sometime ago, I was spending all my free-time running. Training, to be exact. Until one day, I realised that running is not generating any income.

Worst of all, I was spending a lot of my income for this little activity.

Race fees.
Coconut water.
Compression wear.
Air fares.
Hotel accomodation.
The latest technical wear.

Non-runners shook their head and told us we were wasting money. But, of course we do not listen. We said that this was the experience. And it was making us happy.

But only when I took a step back, then I understood what the non-runners were saying:

Oh, the amount of time I have now once I stop doing LSD.
You could not imagine how much extra cash now I have now once I stop running.
And the best thing, I get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

This was the life.

Or was it?

I took a stroll down this path, and I did not like it one bit.

Instead of doing LSD on the road, I was doing LSD on youtube, facebook posts and endless instagram scrolling.

The amount of cash I have saved? Some of course went into savings, but the bulk of it went into food and drinks. And my already non-existent 4 packs starts turning into a 1 pack.

The sleeping in? The first 5 minutes felt great. The next 5 hours were spent in guilt and shame because I just wasted the whole morning doing absolutely nothing.

To some, this may seem like the perfect weekend. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But in the limited time that I have, I certainly would love to do more than just snuggling on the bed for the entire morning. There is a great world out there. Countless experience waiting to be embraced.

It may come at a bit of a cost, but trust me, it can be the best money that you ever spent.

Or maybe not.


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