Eh, what you did ah?

For the past few months or so, I was making small little changes to my lifestyle. Ate a bit cleaner. Lift a little bit heavier. Ran a little bit harder.

The purpose of doing so?

So that I can look like this.



Ok, maybe there is a bit of truth in it.

A teeny bit.

As we enter the first week of March, let us revisit what we have accomplished, and where do we go from there.

Where does our identity lies? Is it in our career? How we look in a gym room selfie? Or what our PBs are?

Albeit a bit early, 2017 has taught me that,

– I am more than what I do from 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Fridays.

– I am a runner, and the freedom discovered from running across the streets of Kuching under the setting sun, is the best sense of freedom ever.

– I am a warrior in training, and I occasionally make obscene moans at the last set of a 100-minute workout (much to the dismay of other gym goers).

In 7 days, those small little efforts would add up. I will be coming face to face with a whole new challenger. One whom I have never met before, and he does look a little intimidating.

Photo: Spartan Race Malaysia
A 5km run may seem like child’s play for an ultra runner. But 5km run with 20+ obstacles with 30 push-up burpees as a penalty is a nightmare for an ultra runner.

But aren’t we all reinventing ourselves? To go beyond the comfort zone and find ways to improve the kinks in our armour?

It is said that when we stop being brave, a small part of us die. Life is simply too short, too wonderful, and too precious, to be lived sparingly.

And come 12th March, when someone were to ask,

“Eh, what you did ah?”

I hope my answer would be, I just completed the Spartan Sprint, and I just defeated the part of me that says I can’t.


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