What happens at 7:03pm when you run


What happens at 7:03pm?

I am now entering the peak week for The North Face 100 Thailand. Most of my midweek runs would start from the traffic congesting hours of 5pm.

What do I witness?

Exhaust fumes, motorcycles going up on pavements (wtf right?), and the blinding evening sun.

But something happens at 7:03pm.

The whole city comes to a stop.

It could be less than 5 seconds. There are no cars in the visible distance. No risk of getting run over by crazy motorcyclists. And the sun bids goodbye to the day.

Kuching transformed into a tranquil haven. The slight buzz of the street lamp. The chirping of the crickets. The sound of my vibram clad foot hitting the ground.


In that 5 seconds, I was allowed to take a break. To detach from the worries of my pace, the concerns over the lack of training, the goals I want to obtain from the race.

In that 5 seconds, I am once again reminded why I run ultras at the first place.

To experience uninhibited freedom. To be fully aware of one’s existence.

Understanding peace itself can be attained simply by the act of taking one step after another.



2 thoughts on “What happens at 7:03pm when you run

  1. Uninhibited freedom and awareness of one’s existence. Beautiful line and so incredibly true. That’s why we run. Or perhaps, that’s why we try to do anything of value. And that’s how we start inching closer to the Almighty. One step at a time.


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