What is the allure of an evening run?


Today, I officially start training.

Perhaps it was the setting which triggered some memories. The sensation of running in the bright evening sun, and entering the period where dusk meets twilight.

The pinkish hues turning everything into a Katy Perry music video set. Cotton candy walkway, the magenta sky littered with streaks of blue and white.

The thinning out of traffic as the city plunges into darkness. The dry leaves dancing around in the slight breeze across the pavement.

And there I was, still running.

There is something about being in a constant movement as the city transforms. A hush transcendence of sorts. To witness something so natural, yet there is a slight melancholic beauty to it.

This is probably why many are keen to run in the evening . It was as though we are invited to be a part of something that is larger than ourselves. To be let in on a secret which is hidden in plain sight.

Running allows us to escape from the clutches of technological distraction, however brief it may be, and encourages us to be an observer of the many splendid things that are actually unfolding.


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