Why it is a struggle to get up on the last day before training?


As I gently refuse my body from getting up, I can’t help but to think this is probably the last Sunday I can afford to sleep in. For a very long time at least.

Tomorrow will begin my 16 weeks of ultra training, 32 weeks should I joined TNF100 Thailand. This means 8 months, 75% of a whole year to focus on 2 races.

It is like a mixture of excitement and nervousness. An inbalance concoction of dread and eagerness. I have always been a fan of pushing my own limits, to be the best version of an athlete I am capable of. At the same time, this would come at a high cost. Hard work is not pleasant. Fatigue is not pleasant. After all, our human body in this age, has been conditioned to choose the easy way out.

Running an ultra is 80% mental. Thus, the training has to support that. As a novice ultra runner, I am at the stage of self reliance. I know I need to work on this. I am almost likely to refuse help. It is not a matter of pride. It is more of not wanting to trouble someone else in your journey.

As I am gearing up to live up to my very best, I would want the people around me to live to their best as well. That could possibly posed a problem. Many are pretty comfortable in where they are, and would reject any notion to change. When things don’t swing in their favour, the blame game is what they major at. Instead of being introspective,  many would choose the easy way.

This could be a problem, you see, as in my moment of weakness, I may resort to that. And that is how ultra runners DNF.

I probably need to get up, and live my last day of inhabited freedom before I embark on a journey of monotony, drudgery, and discipline,  which will ultimately lead to true uninhabited freedom, hopefully.


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