Why i choose not to run?


The night was young. I was well rested. Slightly hungry, but I was ready to embark on my 2nd run for the day.

My route was plotted. My friends were ready to assist me should I got into trouble.

However, at the last possible moment, I called it off.

There were very reasonable reasons why this run was actually a bad idea. Gawai festivities had started. Roads will be full of drivers who may have drank, or people who are rushing home to their kampungs.

I will be also going on a long hike tomorrow. A slip due to fatigue will not look good, especially if the way out involves a boat ride.

This will also be the 2nd last weekend I have before committing to my ultra plan. 16 weeks of training, and another 16 weeks after that when I signed up for TNF100 Thailand.

A call of good judgement, one might say.

But is it really?

Funny how so many reasons would appear when I decide to back out of a plan. Excuses would be a harsher, but honest, word. It was as if my mind was trying it’s best to convince that it is perfectly fine to skip a pre-determined plan. And that I should sit right with it.

But is that really so? Was I afraid that this one run would be an indication of complacency? Or that I may not have the full mental capacity of overcoming obstacles? Does it reflect that I am an individual who curates excuses and strongly defend them?


There was one last excuse though. KFC was right next to the toilet when I was about to change into my running attire.

Yes, I think it was KFC which changed my mind.

Dammit KFC.


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