Why don’t you give up when it hurts?


100km isn’t a short distance. And when you are running that distance,  you get to discover who you are and what you are truly made of.

One of the hardest (and scariest!) thing that you will come across is your own personal demons. Those insecurities that you brushed off on a normal day, hiding behind a fluctuant mask. The little goblins that whisper, you will never make it. The banshees that cries out from the pain of your calves, and howling that this is not worth it.

And when you are alone, plunged into darkness, that is where the true battle begins. All those past hurts and rejections will try to poison your mind to end this torture.

When you decide to embrace these hard facts and negativity,  you have a choice. To either lay in the ruins of your shattered self, or to realise that these are the things that make you who you are today, and you would not be on this journey if you have not gone through all of the trials.

And when you refuse to give up, something amazing happens. This is a choice, and the choice of turning them into fuel is the option I took to finish my first ultramarathon.

You do not reject the pain, you welcome it. You savour the sweet ache. Tasting the pain and turning them into the very energy you need. It is proof that you are alive, and as long as you have a single breath, that is a reason to put your foot in front of the other.

And when 2 steps turn into a stride, and a stride transform to a run, it will be only a matter of time before the finish line appears. That is when you know, that the choices you make have brought you to that point.


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